My essential software, favorite gadgets, and recommendations.

Curious about my go-to tools for productivity and procrastination? Here's the scoop on my favorite software, gadgets, and more!

Desk Setup

  • 16” MacBook Pro, M1 Pro, 16GB RAM (2021)

    After using the M1 MacBook Pro 2021, I recently upgraded to the M1 Pro. It’s a beast. I love it so much.

  • GIGABYTE M32U 4k 144HZ Monitor

    This monitor is perfect for productivity and gaming. As a casual noob gamer, I appreciate the beautiful IPS panel. My enemies look extra sharp when they beat me.

  • Keychron K2 V2 Keyboard

    I mostly use my MacBook keyboard, but I love this one for when I feel fancy. I’m considering switching to an Apple Magic Keyboard or Logitech MX Keys Mini for the low profile keycaps. My fingers like to type in style.

  • Logitech Anywhere 2s Mouse

    With my small wrists, this mouse fits perfectly. It’s wireless and works on any surface, including the stack of pizza boxes next to my desk.

  • PS5 - Gaming Console

    As a self claimed casual noob gamer, this is my powerhouse for gaming. I enjoy third-person action-adventure and racing games. Favorites include God of War Ragnarök, Ghost of Tsushima, and Horizon Forbidden West. My gaming skills might be questionable, but my setup is top-notch.

Development Tools

  • PHPStorm

    My favorite IDE for PHP and web development. I love its features and plugins. It’s my loyal companion for PHP, Laravel, and other web projects. I have a soft spot for Jetbrains.

  • VS Code

    I use it for quick edits and smaller projects. Also for front-end development and sometimes for Node.js and React.js. It’s like my Swiss Army knife of code editors.

  • IDE Themes

    I constantly switch between themes. Currently, I’m using Dracula Pro and Material Theme. Dark themes are my jam. I also dabble with the Carbon Syntax theme. It’s like changing my outfit but for my IDE.

  • Fira Code Font

    I love ligatures. Fira Code is my go-to font for development. It’s a monospaced font with programming ligatures. Plus, it’s free and open source. What’s not to love?

  • Chrome Browser

    I’ve been using Chrome for a long time. It’s great but a bit of a resource hog. I’m considering a switch to Microsoft Edge or another Chromium-based browser. My CPU and RAM might throw a party.

  • OrbStack - Docker Desktop alternative

    I use OrbStack for local development environments. It’s a fast, light, and easy way to run Docker containers and Linux. It’s like Docker Desktop but with a cape.

  • DbGate

    I use this for database management. It’s a modern database client with a sleek UI and great features. MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB never looked so good.

  • Other Tools

    I use a bunch of other tools like the default Mac Terminal with OhMyZSH and powerlevel10k, Homebrew, Notion, Cleanshot, Maccy, Rectangle, and Raycast. They make my life easier, or at least more interesting.